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Engineers meeting for project working with partner

Building Construction and Management

Are you searching for a professional construction management firm in Labrador or Northern Newfoundland? Then Moss Development Corp is the company to contact. From identifying minor and major issues in your real estate project and evaluating project cost to discussing the safe completion of the project, we can do it all.

We have professional project managers, engineers, safety officers, estimators, junior engineers and project coordinators for both private and public infrastructure projects. We ensure our workers follow all the safety measures to avoid any hazard to the people on site. Consult us for construction management services in Labrador.


We offer a wide variety of commercial construction services, including:

View of building construction work going on

New Building Construction

Whether it’s a private or public new building project, our team handles the planning, designing, cost evaluation, contract creation, construction under safety conditions and completion of the entire project.

Building Rowing

Building Renovations

Building renovation can help raise your property's curb appeal and make your commercial space more inviting to customers. If you want to transform the look of your commercial property, get renovations done by our skilled team.

St. Anthony Airport Maintenance Garage

Building Expansions

If you have unused space in your factory and want to expand your manufacturing capacity, make use of our building expansion services. Real estate developers and builders also hire us for making new additions to their properties.

EJ Broomfield Arena

Project and Construction Management

Our construction project management services include planning, scheduling, cost estimation and implementation. We will understand your requirements and help you execute your vision on time and within budget.


Preconstruction Project Planning

We understand the importance of thorough planning to execute a construction project as desired. Our planners will first sit with you to discuss your project's scope, create a schedule and provide a cost estimate. We will then discuss the location of your project, prospective issues with the materials and machines to be used in construction and the safety measures to be followed. If you want to procure a project, we can also complete subcontractor tender calls on your behalf.

Architect & Engineer working on a drawing document

Design Build Services

Our planners sit with you to discuss your design requirements and create a plan to be shared with the contractor accordingly. We act as the single line of communication between the contractor and the client and also create a single contract to give both parties peace of mind during construction.

Community Center

Public and Private Infrastructure Projects

We work on a variety of public infrastructure projects for federal, provincial, and municipal governments. You can hire our trusted and skilled team for any public or private funded project.

Get Construction & Management Services

Our skilled professionals can help in constructing and managing your real estate project.

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